Central Jeep Chrysler Sign Project

When Central Jeep Chrysler in Norwood needed a face lift on their main pylon sign, they knew exactly who to call.

After working on many design options, Central decided they wanted to keep it simple and clean as well as to have a new giant electronic digital display board.

The designs were completed and submitted to the town for permitting and a zoning hearing. After approval was received, the real work began.

A large frame needed to be fabricated to house the display. It was welded and fabricated then the display board was assembled at the Signarama Walpole location. Upon completion it was transported to Central on a large trailer.

The next step was to fully tear down the existing pylon sign. The only thing remaining were two 30 foot poles. We then, with help of a crane and our boom truck, hoisted the frame and display in place and welded the structure to the steel poles. From there we fabricated a structure on the top of the display and mounted LED channel letters to each side. The next step was to fabricate full shrouds to be installed around the poles. Trim was then fabricated to finish the project. The sign was then re-wired with all new electrical components and finally turned on!!

The entire installation took 5 days with 4 workers, two boom truck and a crane. The results were amazing.

Client Profile:

We know what our customers want, and we provide it to them on a daily basis in Norwood, MA. You want a huge selection, with wonderful automotive service, and excellent customer service. Central Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram of Norwood is here to provide you with all of that and more. We do not believe in resting on any of our accomplishments. We are always trying to improve and to be the best dealership in the Boston area. Our professional sales staff is here to support you and help you. You are their number one priority, not the sale.


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