Project Description

Customers come from everywhere just to have Signarama Walpole wrap their vehicles.
This time, all the way from Cape Cod.

CORD…Cape Organization for the Rights of the Disabled.
Cord brought us 3 mobile Food Pantry buses that had been in service for many years with the state used as passenger transportation vehicles. CORD was able to acquire theses buses, however, they needed to be fully serviced and of course color changed and fully wrapped.

We started by breaking down and fully prepping the surface for graphics. Then the wraps began.
Tucked away inside our temperature controlled facility, we spent 4 days on each bus. Now wrapped and ready for service these buses look brand new.

It’s Amazing how a wrap can transform a vehicle!

Client Profile

The Cape Organization for Rights of the Disabled (CORD) has been aggressively working since 1984 to advance the independence, productivity, and integration of people with disabilities, including deaf and hard of hearing people, into mainstream society.