We just finished a lengthy sign project that began about 5 months ago with Zoo New England, Stone Zoo location in Stoneham Ma.

Among the various sign projects we were responsible for throughout Stone Zoo, we were responsible for creating a new Main Entry sign. They wanted a large roof-top custom fabricated dimensional letter sign.

Zoo NE Zoo gave us details on what they wanted and we developed the actual type, material, build technique and installation process.
The letters were fabricated from brushed aluminum with an integrated base structural raceway support which was mounted directly on top of the main entrance roof.

One of the challenges was that the roof was actually a wood fabricated pergola.
The pergola was fabricated from imported redwood and completed a few days prior to our installation.
We were charged with developing a method to safely secure and mount the letters to the roof.

Attached are photos showing us installing as well as the completion.

As you can see from one of the photos, The gentleman in the photo, Marshall Judges, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, was extremely happy with the outcome